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Milk Concept Boutique

Milk Concept Boutique Case Study

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What is Milk Concept Boutique:

Milk Concept Boutique is an  interior design and furniture e-commerce.


  • Increase sales.
  • Optimize website user experience. 


  • Limited Budget.  
  • No advertising done in the past.


  • Google Ads  (Shopping, Search and Display)
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Email Marketing Automation 
  • Website Optimization


  • Create 1 google ads search campaign x country targeting specific keywords with exact match.
  • Create 1 display retargeting campaign x country.
  • Create 1 shopping campaign.
  • Create multiple ads on FB/IG. The first objective is awareness/traffic to create a relevant audience. Then retarget that audience with objective conversions.
  • Create a 10% coupon code for first-time users. Then an email marketing sequence of 3 emails.
  • Create transactional emails with specific recommendations and for specific users’ actions.
  • Integrate different Apps on the website with Upsell, Bundle and Cross-sell.


Through this funnel I was able to significantly increase: The number of subscribers to the client newsletter and therefore reconvert them as recurrent clients.  The sales in the first 3 months. The average order value.

  • + 43% Website Signups through the 10% newsletter discount funnel.
  • + 55% Sales in the first three months.
  • + 39% average order value through the implementation of Bundles, Cross sells and Up-sells offers.
Signups 43%
Sales 55%
Order Value 39%