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Digital Nomad Relationship with Brands.

As Nomads, we have a particular relationship with brands. Some brands are fundamental in our daily life, while others are completely avoided.

As a Digital Nomad, here are some of the brands that come to my mind daily for specific tasks I need to do while working and travelling.
For drafting purposes in this research, I will divide the brands by category and action that I have to carry out in my life.

digital nomad brands

Fashion: I almost avoid any fashion brand.
When it is time to buy clothes, I usually buy them from local shops trying to integrate my style with local trends.
I have moved away from any big fashion brand. I am against fast fashion and in favour of supporting local fashion.

Eat: Also regarding the food, I avoid big chains. I generally eat in local restaurants and markets. So no big food brand comes to my mind when it’s time to eat.
I hate the biggest food chain like Mcdonald’s, KFC, BuegerKing, PizzaHut etc…
These brands disgust me and cause me a feeling of physical discomfort in terms of diet and morale towards the planet.
Regarding food, if I am home and lazy for cooking there is one brand coming to my mind Rappi. The best LATAM platform for food delivery. Efficiency and low prices are their best qualities.

Work: As for working, I am an Apple user.
I am now completely used to Apple technology (iPhone and mac). I don’t see myself using any other devices.
More than a question of technical efficiency for me at the moment, it is a habit.
As a tech guy, I work daily with all major tech brands: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Amazon, Stripe, and PayPal.
I generally work with my pc at home, at local cafés or coworking.
If I have to choose a coworking space while being in a large city I’ll probably think of WeWork. For their good atmosphere and social community.
If, on the other hand, I have to choose a Café and cannot find any local ones, I would probably think of Starbucks. When thinking of Starbucks I know I can easily find a place where I got good Wi-Fi, coffee and an electric plug to connect my laptop. So it’s an easy and secure option when no other local cafés are available.

Travel: When I have to plan a trip the first brands coming to my mind are:
Skyscanner: best website to compare flights rates. For me, it’s a reliable site to check flights. If I decide to book a hotel, is my solution. I have used it hundreds of times getting great discounts and deals. I can say I am a trusted client.
Airbnb. For a longer stay or particular trips, Airbnb is always a great solution. It’s secure, reliable and comfortable.

Sport: I like playing tennis, going to the gym and exercising outdoor. At the time of exercise, the brand that comes to my mind is Nike. This brand inspires me to take action and break limits. It gives me the strength to move on, train and stay fit.

Free Time.
Music: Spotify, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, YouTube Music. I play music as a DJ so I always dive into this platform. These brands entertain me and are the best company during my day while working, running or chilling. It reminds me of different sensations depending on my emotional state, time of the day and activity that I am doing. In general, I feel are the best entertainment.

Moving: Uber.
Being a nomad means you always move around, and this app is your best friend when it comes to travelling around the city. When I think of Uber I feel a perception of security, comfort and ease.

These are probably the main brands I am thinking of during my daily life as a digital nomad.

And what about yourself? What is your daily relationship with Brands within your life as a Digital Nomad?

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