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The conformation of the Companies in the last decades has been ‘more and more’ fragmented (separating the phases of Production of a Product / Service) so as to allow the relocation in different geographical areas of some phases of the Production-Chain; All this in order to reduce Labor Costs, Production Times and Employees. Allowing us to receive any Product from any side of the World in less than 24 Hours.
This is what the Market is asking for, this is what Consumers want, these are the keys to Globalization that is increasingly impassable in the World 2.0
For example, when we order a Product on AMAZON; We turn to Amazon as Company Leader in Shipping Services, but very often the Product in question , carries another Brand (different Company) and Customer Service could be managed by a different Agency specialized in Tele-Communications that co-operates with Amazon ..
So we are buying a product from Amazon but in the Buying-process we are actually going through 3 different Companies.
What does this mean?

This means that in this Globalized World more and more the Companies collaborate on specific phases of the sales process in order to make it more effective and remain LEADER on the Market.
It is in this Globalized context that the OUT-SOURCING Companies are inserted; In fact , the work of Outsourcing Companies dealing with the specific management of some activities on behalf of the Company that needs the Service.

So let’s have a look to the most Out-Sourced Services concern:

– Manufacturing : Several reasons account for this trend, including the government costs (Social Security, Medicare, unemployment, etc.)

– Customer Support: Outsourcing a call center in a country like India often allows you to have the same job at a fraction of the cost.

– Creative Services: Whether it’s full-length articles, logo design or advertising copy, overseas firms capable of completing such tasks are ready and waiting to assist your business.

– Engineering: Virtually any kind of engineering task — be it mechanical, electrical, structural or architectural — can be effectively and efficiently outsourced.

– Accounting: Accounting is a textbook example of a corporate task well-adapted to outsourcing because it involves a standardized methodology that professionals all over the world know.

– Tax Preparation: Tax preparation, like accounting, is a paint by numbers activity following a standardized procedure that lends itself well to outsourcing.

– Research & Development: Everything from market research, customer demographics, financial research and even pharmaceutical research is handled by overseas teams trained in the various methodologies of each field.

– IT-SERVICES → “Data Entry” : Routine data entry tasks (such as indexing, scanning, cataloging and order processing) are perfectly suited to outsourcing.

→ “Web Design”: Overseas teams are often quite skilled in web design, and some providers even offer businesses their choice of ready-made website templates that the team can customize to their liking.

→ “Computer Programming” : A relatively standard programming project (like a message board, calculator, or database) can be quickly and easily completed by outsourced teams for pennies on the Pound in relation to what experienced in U.K. programmers would charge for the same work.

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