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“Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom” [G. Washington Carver]

These words were written by George Washington Carver (American agricultural scientist, educator and inventor) more than half a century ago, in a decidedly previous era, yet they continue to express a deep meaning in our society, even today.
In a world where access to information is made extremely easy and instant to access for any user and where anyone through Social Media or their Personal Blog can hypothetically create educational content, making it available online; how can we determine the validity and educational value expressed in the subject matter? This is probably one of the essential questions that break into the minds of parents when searching for educational support for their child during primary, secondary and even university.

“Imagine the possibilities if the limits inherent in digital e-learning were overcome.”

With free introductory assessments, money-back guarantees, qualified and vetted professional coaches offering hand-held coaching with guaranteed results; all included in the best online e-learning services, namely: convenience — access coaching services and communicate with coaches directly from your mobile or laptop, your own coaching manager and exemplary customer service. represents all this and much more; the new learning platform designed in London by CEO and founder Gideon Clifton allows users to chose from a variety of coaches profiles, determine the medium (face-to-face or remote learning) and peace of mind to achieve results.

Everything is just so simple!

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The new coaching web platform connects you to professional coaches with a guarantee giving you the option to change coach should expectations not be met during your free assessment.

The revolutionary online coaching platform offers the possibility to enrol not only as a coachee (and to learn any kind of topic with personalised lessons) but also as a coach, allowing you once you submit a valid certificate, to be able to earn money through your knowledge. In fact, is not a normal and rigid e-learning site where users simply purchase educational courses; the web platform aims to establish a much more social and human relationship between coach and coachee, a virtual educational world that can also be surpassed by the user who can then decide to meet his coach and choose for practical face-to-face learning.

Courses are offered and assignments, quizzes and projects are offered for each class — always guided by the coach who is available to answer any question via the built-in chat platform connecting the coach and coachee throughout the course of classes.

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Students have different needs and levels of learning. Through the choice of learning mode (whether online or face-to-face), users are freer to choose according to their needs. through this system the most unconfident students can develop a relationship of trust and confidence with their coach that will allow them to overcome their obstacles to learning and achieve their guided learning goals.

All this represents an innovation in e-learning, offering the student more dynamism and freedom of choice, instant access to learning and a managed process with guaranteed results. Not to mention the variety of subjects that the user can select; so much so ‘that you go from macroeconomics to yoga, music, tennis, or business management courses; in short, a real educational world that through social interaction develops lifelong skills making the world a more intelligent place.

“Coaching is about inspiring passion and sharing knowledge. Giving someone the confidence to achieve their goals.”

Ur coach is creating a world where we can all coach or be coached to achieve goals and inspire each other to learn anything we dream of.” [ Team]

Ur.Coach: “ Set goal. Achieve!”

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